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Terms and Conditions


Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited is an international network of independent consultants and finance market experts. The aim of our work is to represent the interests of our clients in the best possible manner and become actively involved in their commercial and personal success.

Our Services

Following economic definitions, our company determines the actual cash-flow of a company. Furthermore, we elaborate on risk management by analysing the operational and personal liability risks with the goal of securing assets achieved and effectively and efficiently limiting future risks. The company drafts a detailed analysis of your contractual and assets states for existing capital commitments and their profitability. This includes determining the time values of real estate owned under consideration of profitability for externally financed assets components.

Remuneration/Reimbursing Expenses

The company receives a fee from the client according to the agreement plus VAT at the legal rate. Remuneration is due according to written agreement. The contracting party reimburses the company for necessary expenses incurred during the course of its duties. Claims for expenses require the written approval of the contracting party.

Period of Contract

The contract begins on the date the agreement is signed and can be terminated in writing at the end of the year with a one year period of notice. The rights of both parties to terminate the contract without notice remains unaffected by this.

The Contracting Party's Duty to Cooperate

The contracting party shall ensure that the company receives on time all documents necessary for performing its duties, that all information is received and that the company is informed of all processes and circumstances. At the request of the company, the contracting party shall confirm in writing the integrity of all documents supplied as well as information and verbal statements. The contracting party shall be made personally liable to the full extent for demonstrable commercial damage to the company caused by failing to comply with the obligations of the contracting party described above.

Discretion, Privacy, Data Security

The company is obliged to maintain discretion concerning all information that becomes known to it in connection with the duties it performs on behalf of the contracting party. This applies irrespective of whether the contracting party or their business associates are concerned, except in cases where the contracting party frees the company from its obligation. The company is only authorised to process data entrusted to it within the bounds of their duties with express written approval. If third-parties become involved, the contractor shall guarantee its obligation of discretion.

Safe-Keeping and the Return of Documents

The company obliges to keep safe all business and company documents that it is supplied with, and in particular ensure that they are not made available to third-parties. The documents supplied and made available are to be returned at the request of the contracting party during the period of contract, and unsolicited after culmination of the contract.

Concluding Regulations

Amendments and additions to this contract require the written form to take affect. Verbal ancillary agreements are invalid. If one of more of the provisions of this contract are void or become void, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected. In this case, the contracting parties shall replace the void provision with one that comes closest to the commercial purpose of it in a legal manner. Legal domicile is the company's registered offices. In all other cases, the consultancy contracts to be separately agreed on apply.

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