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Business Consulting - Financial Planning
- Crisis management and restructuring consulting
- Business start-up consulting/road maps
- Loan and financing consulting/credit marketing
- Financial analyses and strategies/financial planning

Capital Procurement - Credit Financing
- Capital procurement/venture capital
- Loan and credit financing
- Mortgage loans/refinancing
- Leasing/sale and lease back
- Shareholdings

Certified Public Accountancy - Company Auditing
- For transformations and mergers
- For capital increases and non-cash assets
- Bank deposit checks
- Internal control systems, accounting and IT

Tax Consulting – Budgeted Balance Sheet
- Successor regulation (estate planning)
- Tax-favourable modifications in legal form
- Expert reports on tax disputes
- Customs and consumer tax consulting
- Budgeted tax invoices, budgeted balance sheets

Controlling - Annual Financial Statements
- Drafting of annual financial statements
- External and internal asset accounting
- External and internal account assignment work
- Sector comparisons and analyses
- Business analyses

Pre-Court Legal Collection Procedures
- Dunning letter and telephone overdue notice services
- Handling correspondence with customers, authorities and lawyers
- Wage cessions/security agreements
- Default summons', foreclosure notifications
- Compulsory executions/attachment orders
- Account and wage attachments

Insurance - Financial Consulting
- Risk insurance/risk management
- Property and business insurance
- Financial analyses, planning and management
- Insurance comparison analyses

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