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Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited
a worldwide network of independent consultants
Suite 6, Watergardens 4
Post office box 642
Telefon: +350 200 7 85 69
Telefax: +350 200 7 65 73
Email: info@oliverscheib.com
Homepage: http://www.oliverscheib.com
Sitz der Gesellschaft Gibraltar
Registernummer 74892


Important Note
Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited does not offer its services to company startups that are in any way involved in weapons, drugs, sex, racism, fascism or violence-glorifying media. We are a service company and do not provide legal advice or tax consultancy. However, we have do have lawyer and accountant associates who will be happy to provide you with these services.

Legal Note
Please note that we at Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited are not lawyers or accountants, and do not provide these services. All information containing elements referring to legal or tax issues passed on by Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited or it associates is never to be considered as legal or tax advice. If you require advice of this nature, please contact a lawyer or tax consultant. Information, links and any forms or contracts we provide or make available do not represent legal advice. These forms or contracts merely represent samples and are not to be used in individual cases. Absolutely no guarantee can be given or obligations taken up regarding their integrity or the reliability of information, links, forms or contracts. The specific characteristics of a situation may require precautions that are not regulated in forms or contracts. The legal situation in the individual countries where customers are located is different and subject to permanent change, and is only something that a lawyer or tax consultant can explain reliably. The provision and transfer of information of this nature by Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited or its employees or associates does not represent an alternative to legal or tax advice. Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited accepts absolutely no liability for damages that may occur as a result of the use or transfer of such information.

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